Orange Bloossom 

     1 tablespoon  - honey
     1 - avocado Remove the skin and pit of the avocado. Then mash the avocado fruit in the mixing bowl and stir in the honey. Continue mashing until the honey is blended well into the avocado mash. Apply the mixture to your skin and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse the mixture off with warm water.


Honey & Avocado Moisturizing Mask

Happy National Honey Month!

(Courtesy of the National Honey Board)
Here at the National Honey Board we love this time of year – beautiful fall colors, the smell of leaves and fresh baked bread, sweater and scarves, football, and of course, National Honey Month. That’s right, September is National Honey Month, and this month we want to focus on all the benefits that make honey sweet enough to have its very own month!
Now, of course honey is the fabulous kitchen staple that we turn to for a touch of sweetness, to balance out flavors (like the bitterness of gluten-free flour), add beautiful color to any dish, lock in moisture of grilled meats (making it the perfect tailgate sidekick) and even extend shelf life of baked goods. We also know that honey is a great all-natural alternative to granulated sweetener, but this liquid gold can do so much more than just add a touch of sweetness to your tea.

Thanks to its humectant and antimicrobial properties, honey boasts being an effective moisturizer and fights bacteria to keep skin clear and breakout-free, making it a great addition to any beauty regimen.
Have a pesky cough that won’t relent? You can use honey for that too! Just a small dose of honey given before bedtime provided the greatest improvement of nighttime cough and sleep difficulty in children over one year of age compared to dextromethorphan and no treatment (and it also soothes your sore throat with a touch of sweetness).
Needing a little extra boost to push you through your workout? Honey’s got you covered with 17 grams of carbohydrates, and only 64 calories, per tablespoon for an all-natural burst of energy.So in celebration of National Honey Month, and our namesake’s various benefits, this edition of Honey Feast features recipes that showcase the versatility of nature’s favorite sweetener.

​​Nectar from the Gods